China Visa Types

Thank you very much for the great news on the visa situation... Your service was extremely prompt, wonderfully efficient and very reassuring...

Professor L. Loren (Portland, Oregon)

China Visa Service Center (CVSC) is a private company providing Chinese visa application service to international business and leisure travelers. We also help customers with US passport applications and authentication of legal documents that are executed in the US but will be used in China. CVSC is not a government agency. It is registered with the Chinese Embassy and Consulates to expedite Chinese visa application for customers who prefer not to apply at the Chinese consulate in person. Since the Chinese Embassy and Consulate do not accept mailed-in applications, Chinese visa applicants can only apply for a visa either in person or through a service agency such as CVSC.

The CVSC website,, provides clear and easy to follow instructions on how to apply for a Chinese visa. Our online information is always updated to reflect the ever changing Chinese visa policies. Applicants can simply select the China visa type they wish to apply for, read the instructions through, prepare and mail ALL required documents to one of our global offices as instructed.

Once we receive a customer's application, we will notify the customer by email, usually within a couple of hours. We will also keep customer updated throughout the entire process. A final email, with a FedEx tracking number, will be sent to customer when the visa is approved and shipped. Customers can always reach us by email or by phone during normal business hours. We stand ready to help you with any questions you may have about Chinese visa application. We will continue to do everything possible to earn your trust and business.